Do you work only with non-profit organizations?

At this time, yes. Not-for-profit organizations (NPO) are my primary concern, because so many people are without the ordinary comforts of life: good air, clean water, food, and housing. Many want to learn to read so that they can get jobs, and to help their children have better lives.

Preference will go to those NPOs whose primary mission focuses on one of these five areas:

  • Cleaner air
  • Cleaner water
  • Food security
  • Affordable housing
  • Literacy for adults and children

However, I’m quite open to other NPO possibilities, such as oceanic- or forest-centric environmental issues, and many others.

What would you do for me?

Not-for-Profit Organizations, Mission side: I will research the Foundations that would best suit your organization, write grant fundraising proposals that meet both your needs and the goals of the Foundation, create a donor-centered fundraising program, develop the project to best fit the need your organization is providing, and so on.

Not-for-Profit Organizations, Business side: Create business plans for start-up NPOs, help you refine your mission statement, write business letters, proofread and edit manuscripts, design brochures, write blog content, and more.

I limit the number of organizations I work with, so I can give each one the attention they deserve. If you’re interested in having more support with grant fundraising, and/or donor-centered fundraising, please contact me by email:

Kendra Francesco at Grow From Love

What is your experience?

The experience of writing a for-profit business plan is translatable to writing a grant fundraising proposal. Both need:

  • An identified need
  • Precise mission statement
  • Written business plan
  • A budget
  • Sustainability
  • An evaluation plan
  • And a host of other administrative tasks before the grant fundraising writing even begins


Awarded approval from the Self-Employment Assistance Program (SEAP), a government-sponsored program, to develop and work the business plan I wrote for my jewelry business while receiving other funding.

Designed a series of brochures, one-page information ads, and business forms for a fledgling makeup business.

How much do you charge?

For the most part, I work on a project-fee basis rather than hourly. Here is the range:

  • Grant readiness: 10-25 hours / $600-$$1,875
  • Business side of your NPO: 15-75 hours / $900-$5,625
  • Medium Foundation Grant proposal ($5,000-$25,000): 25-50 hours / $1,500-$3,750
  • Short Foundation Grant proposal (<$5,000): 10-25 hours / $600-$1,875
  • Foundation Letter of Inquiry: 5-10 hours / $300-$750
  • Creating a donor-centered fundraiser: 25-75 hours / $1,500-$5,625
  • Custom packages / Retainer: To be decided together
  • Rush rate: not currently available 

Every project cost depends on several factors. How much of the administrative work you do before I write will reduce your costs. How long it takes me to research, perform administrative tasks, and then write your proposal / plan determines its actual cost. The regional fee range is between $60-$150 per hour.  Contact me regarding your specific project, your administrative needs, research, end writing, etc. for a quote.

What are your terms?

  1. I use a written and signed fee agreement for all projects. This is required for all work, spelled out in detail, including costs, and signed by both of us.
  2. Two revisions are included in the quote. If extra revisions must take place, the additional revisions will be billed at $95/hour.
  3. I require a point person for communicating with me in a regular and consistent manner, and for providing necessary documents as required by the project
  4. Payment shall be in full or as an installment arrangement, as the fee agreement stipulates. Contact me for details.

Do you accept payment from the grant awarded?

Foundations and other funders don’t allow grants funds to be used to pay for grant writing. It also doesn’t meet the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Code of Ethics Standards.

Think of me in the same context as a an attorney, executive, or other specialist. You’re hiring my skills and knowledge and time inherent in the work I do for you, regardless of the outcome. In paying for the work itself, you’re able to continue being mission-driven instead of looking for the big-money-rainbow.

Having me as your writer will give you and your co-workers time to continue your hands-on, mission-based work. I can’t guarantee that you’ll receive a grant. No one can. But I can help you stand out in a crowded field. Your proposal will reflect your mission while aligning closely with the Foundation’s strategic goals for funding. My work is thorough, fact-based, and well-packaged.

Will you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

I sign non-disclosure agreements.

I consider whatever I do for you a matter just between you and me. If, however, my signing a non-Disclosure Agreement gives you a measure of peace for hiring me, my policy is that I will sign a non-disclosure agreement. It will be good from the day we both sign it until it expires three months (90 contiguous days) after I send you the final product.

Will you sign a Non-Compete Agreement?

I don’t sign non-compete agreements, nor a combination document of non-disclosure & non-compete.

When you hire me, I’m agreeing to work for you on a specific project and product. The next person in your industry might want something entirely different.

For example, let’s say you’ve purchased a sales-pitch brochure from me. The other company wants an in-house newsletter for its employees. Your brochure and their newsletter do different things so there is no competition and no conflict of interest.

If you want a sales-pitch brochure, and another company requests one while I’m working on yours, I’ll politely tell them I’m currently unavailable for such a project.

I understand your fear that I might poach your clients. However, I don’t have access to your client list and so have no idea who they might be. Even if I discover that someone I’m working for also buys from you, chances are quite good that they don’t want the same thing.

I Require You to Carry a $1,000,000 Insurance Policy.

Since I am not your employee and don’t work on your premises, this does not apply.